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When WWII started, America did not have an industrial base equipped for the fight, partially due to our nation’s lack of immediate involvement. As Arthur Herman writes in Freedom’s Forge, many were comforted by the illusion of Mobilization-Day, or M-day, where the government would, when necessary, “effortlessly mobilize an economy of war with the throw of a fiscal switch.” But M-day was a myth. Although America ultimately was successful in mobilizing its industrial base in an unprecedented way to reboot the arsenal of democracy and outproduce the enemy, it took 18 months: “One year to build new plants and retool the old ones, 6 months for conversion.” Fortunately, the U.S. had the luxury of time, as war production ramped under Lend-Lease and supplied the Allies while we were still at peace.

The defense tech ecosystem doesn’t have the same luxury of time afforded to WWII — it needed to get to scale yesterday. We must once again mobilize our industrial base in a novel way, but this time with the recognition that software is the accelerant.

M-Day was Yesterday

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